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Delphi Schools

In 1973, Delphi Schools, Inc.™ was formed by a dedicated group of educators with a vision for a new kind of school—a school that encompassed more than academics, that developed in each student a strong sense of personal ethics, conviction and purpose, that didn’t advance a student based on age but by accomplishment and instilled in each student the basic tools of study not just to “get by” but to learn anything.

Delphi Schools is now a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing education through effective primary, elementary and secondary schools. It licenses the use of its name and the Delphi Program which provides standardized curriculum, common teaching and administrative methods and a comprehensive curriculum training program that ensures consistency and effectiveness within the network.

Delphian School

The founding school of the Delphi Schools Network is the Delphian School, a thriving boarding and day school campus of 270 students from kindergarten through high school. Situated on 600 acres in the Willamette Valley of western Oregon, it also serves as an educational training facility for the Network as well as any educators interested in using the curriculum or in starting a school of their own.

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